Visual Basic Editor (VBA) Updates for Excel for Mac 2016

Microsoft just released an update to the VB Editor for the Mac 2016 version of Excel. New features include:
– Edit and debugging toolbars.
– Updated Project, Properties, Immediate, Watch, and Locals windows.
– Keyboard shortcuts
– Stepping through the VBA code.
– and many more time saving tools…


  • And of course, you can build functions, but you cannot call them outside a VBA sub. So if you build, say, a custom function in the editor, you cannot use it in the spreadsheet as a globally callable function. Well, occasionally you can get it run if you memorise the name, and inputs, and about 50% of the time, Excel just crashes outright when you do this. Ridiculous.

  • Jon – One thing I noticed in Excel 2016 for Mac (Version 16.10 – 180210) is that I have an excel file from my Windows version of excel which uses a userform. The Mac version of excel runs the form but has no way to edit this form to change size etc.

  • Hi, John. I've been having problems with macros that worked perfectly in Excel for mac 2011 and stopped working after installing Office 365. One of the issues is that Excel crashes when instructed by VBA to delete a sheet. Have you ever come across a similar problem?
    I coded a workaround: move the sheet to a new book and then close that book without saving. This has to be done 40 times in a row. I close the temporary book only at the end. It works if I run the code step by step but Excel crashes if the macro is ran all at once. Would you have any comments on this or any suggestion? Thank you, in advance.

  • Thanks for posting this Jon. All I can say to Microsoft is, it is long past the time that this should have come out and the fact that it still isn't complete is a disgrace.

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