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  • I noticed you had some text books in the video. I have been getting a lot of inventory alerts when I scan text books. If you get inventory alerts do you still sell the books.

  • Great videos, man. Quick question about permissions. I took the leap and had my first more serious haul the other day. However, I was surprised to get some nasty looks at the register when I set down a stack of around 70-80 or so books. They mentioned on their promo that scanners were welcome so I was a little confused. Is this sentiment something you run into often? I'm a non-confrontational person and I'm certainly hoping this isn't a trend as I move forward. I'll do what I gotta do, but I was hoping you may have some experience to share in regards to dealing with disapproving managers/employees. Or maybe you just get over the hate haha. Thanks.

  • Great video. Just starting out using fba scan app. Can you do a video on the settings you use. Or Can I just use the default settings until I learn more about it. Biggest thing I do is take forever to decide if I should buy the book. I did purchase a kdc 200i can't wait until it arrives so I can start scanning faster.

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