Mircod – IoT – Technology for Martial Arts

Mircod is the first company to offer a completely automated platform for rapid IoT development. IoT (Internet of Things) is a mega-trend transforming the physical world into an enormous “big-data” information system. The IoT industry is relatively very young, but no doubt changing our world. Embedded sensors in objects transmit huge amounts of data.
It enables object to object communication (between people, animals, machines) over wireless networks without human-to- human or human-to – machine interaction. Mircod’s “drop and drag” interface allows everyone (technical and non- technical users) to design and develop new IoT infrastructure and devices.

2. Rapid IoT development

Mircod’s rapid IoT development platform accelerates the design
process from “Sketch to Scale”.
More than just a hardware simulator or a software development tool, Mircod delivers a working hardware prototype (including customized product form factors) and a complete set of “open source”…

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