learn Angular5 (1 minute at a time!) tutorial. #32: avoid mixing jQuery with Angular


  • what i do is design my own admin panel with pure css and html.. because we just need a side bar and top navbar.. and make it same across all projects..

    then add things as needed for specific project. using pre-made templates will always things which i dont need.

  • I confirm mixing jQuery with "MVVM" frameworks is a bad idea. Best is to use only one framework to control the DOM. Be it Angular, React, Vue…

    From my experience:

    – If you need jQuery for the AJAX (I don't know if Angular has a built-in ajax handling) – use Axios ( https://github.com/axios/axios) .
    – If you need better code practices – use Lodash ( https://lodash.com/ )
    – The rest, as DC said, is components

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