How to Use XCode for first time users: TLOG #1

Hey guys, this is my first Youtube video bringing you some basic stuff about how to install XCode and set it up for beginners. I will follow it up with more videos like, how to create certificates on Apple Developer Console, Provisioning profiles, apple app ID’s and so on.

I will also be coming up with some mobile, smartwatches, mac, gadget reviews as well and also stuff that I use for my gadgets. This is a very basic one, so if you want me to do a more detailed Video about other stuff on iOS feel free to comment below.

Software that I used to Edit Videos : iMovie(FREE!)
Screencast: Quicktime
Platform: MAC OS Sierra
Image Editing Tool: GIMP(FREE!)
Sound Effects: iMovie Defaults
Intro and Outro: iMovie
XCode Version: 8.2.1

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