Android Development Tutorial – Android Interview Common Questions (Part 1)

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In this video, I will provide you with a summary of the most popular Android Developer Interview questions I’ve come across with the answer, each of which will be a 10-part aggregation of knowledge questions.

1.What are the 4 main components in Android Architure 00:17
2.Different between IMPLICIT INTENT and EXPLICIT INTENT 01:02
3.Different between SERVICES and INTENT SERVICES 01:38
4.Lifecycle of Activity 02:29
5.Lifecycle of Fragment 02:33
6.Different between ACTIVITY and FRAGMENT 02:42
7.When to use Fragment and give real example 04:01
8.Explain Back Stack Fragment Manager 04:50
9.Explain dp,dpi,pt,sp in Android 05:23
10.When an activity is running , you click the Home button and the activity goes into what state ? 06:12

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