2018 Ram 3500 HD vs Ford F350 vs World’s Toughest XXL Towing Test!

( ) 2018 Ford F350 vs Ram 3500 HD: Super Ike Gauntlet with Nearly 30,000 Lbs!

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  • The Dodge is the only real truck in the test, Ford engine is a joke,they just keep uping the turbo size, that's why they have so many problems.
    The Dodge has a true motor, check the facts before you buy! Also remember the Ford is engineered in INDIA, the parts are made in China, so check the service bulletins on ford junk before you buy.

    These guys seem nice,but they don't know the facts about truck's, it's ok for most people but for real work trucks ,need to get all the facts.

  • I’m from New York and the salt is a killer on our vehicles I vote the ford. I have owned both brands.Fords transmissions are solid as they come. Ford has the best Frame out of all of them and the aluminum bodies hold up. In my area the dodges Rot out faster than another other brand. Dodge’s transmission don’t hold up. And people I don’t buy trucks for fuel mileage. And for the interior and better look I don’t care for. The biggest thing for me is reliability and longevity.

  • The only two real American car manufacturers are Chevy and Ford Dodge is pretty much Italian now it's a shame Ford had to stop all manufacturer of their cars cuz everybody's buying Japanese stuff

  • GM only says the Chevy can only haul up to 23,000 pounds in order to save their asses legally just in case someone's dumbass tries to overload it. The Chevy Silverado can haul 30,000 just as fine as the other two.

  • Just put a 2003 ford 7.3 against any dodge the ford always out pull them i do it every month on the road going up mountains dodge sounds like they are turning 10k just to get up the hill 😅😅😅😅

  • One more tote would make it 30,500# or so

    Why not test the Chevy with 30,000#? Towing capacity isn't standardized and we'd like to see how it does.


    "DEF does give it a bit more power" …

  • Built Ford tough!Although Ford needs to make their engines more Simple and organized to me Ford has always been messy and very complicated and very tight space to Fix Some Areas.

  • Neither of these trucks can haul a 30,000lb trailer–the Ram even less so. Reason: Rear axle GAWR. 9900lb on Ford. 9100lb on Ram. It is extremely difficult to keep these trucks under 14k GVWR with heavy trailers. Almost impossible to keep the rear axle under 12k with a heavy trailer. The reason Ford went aluminum was to be able to put more weight on the rear axle. Ram clear loser with 800lb less tongue weight. There is a reason hot shots use a 5500 when they tow their Kaufman Mini5.

  • Def has nothing to do with engine performance. It is strictly for exhaust treatment. The only time def engine performance is affected is when there is none left in the tank and then the engine will de-rate to protect the engine from damage.

  • Yet ANOTHER head-to-head truck test that proves absolutely NOTHING. Ford fans are still going to buy the F-350. Dodge fans are still going to buy the Ram, and the bowtie boys are still going to buy the Chevy. Brand loyalty among truck owners is incredible. I'm a Ford guy and I'm very happy with my current Ford vehicles ('05 Eddie Bauer Expedition 4X2 (bought used), '14 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (bought used), and a '14 Escape Titanium (bought new)). No reason to buy something else.

  • Both trucks are excellent. The Ford has been very strong unloaded and I think it is stronger loaded than the Dodge, but it sure has looked like the intercooler or something on them isn't doing the job. This test alone shows that. The test is being done at the rpm you would normally tow at which is why the peak torque numbers aren't what to look at and peak hp should be. The Ford 6.7L is awesome, but has been up and down on dyno tests and sometimes shines like mad and other times looks bad. In this case it should have smoked that Dodge being 65hp more and running up that hill very close to it's peak hp range. I think Ford has some more work to do with it for 30,000lbs and more loads.

  • I hope they make a stock Dodge Cummins what 550 horsepower 1200 foot pounds of torque inline 6-cylinder diesel turbo charged with Jake brake and exhaust brake engine braking with a downshift automatic brake with a manual transmission 8-speed and a 13-speed automatic with dual exhaust ram3500 capable of Towing 25,000lbs boat up 8% grade 4×4 bumper tow at 60mph from Grantsville to Bear Lake

  • Hell..now I have to trade my Ford in…….Just kidding , I like my trucks to last more than a week or two without the Knobs falling off the dash and the wrenches getting hot.

  • Push comes to shove you couldn't give a a Chrysler away 20 years ago everybody thinks it's the best thing since the toaster oven it's still a Chrysler it was a turd then it's a turd now the only thing that sells it is the Cummins if it didn't have a Cummins in it you couldn't give one away Ford all the way

  • Your statement of the DEF fluid giving the truck power is complete ignorance on how these exhaust systems work. At no time does the DEF fluid enter the combustion chamber , it's injected into exhaust system.

  • Hello. I have a question: Such a set in the US can be driven on the basic driving license? Do I have to have a driver's license for professional drivers? Regards.

    P.S. In Poland, on the basic driving license, I can drive vehicles with a maximum gross weight (DMC) up to 3.5 tonnes (7716.179 lbs) + light trailer (DMC) 0.75 tons (1653.467 lbs).

  • Do you guys have each truck's individual curb weight? I saw the RAM's GVW was 37,300 lbs. and you said the trailer was 28,500 lbs. which means the RAM was 8,800lbs? Is that the number you have and also what was the curb weight of the Ford? Thanks.

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