20 Books I bought to sell on Amaozn FBA – Reviewed in detail w/ FBAscan

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  • Thanks for sharing Reezy. I started with books but have only sold one on eBay. I found many of my books were on for a .01. It caused me to shift to eBay until I learned more about Amazon. This video was helpful. I am completely new to all of this but I'm learning along the way. I have tons of books to sell and this video encouraged me to try with Amazon again.

  • Thanks to you I've picked up a KDC200 and FBAscan (full subscription with live and database). I ran into an issue that Google helped me out on a bit but wanted to see if you have any input. I didn't know that not all FBA sellers are pushed through to the third party apps. I don't mind clicking the FBA on the header to see other sellers but what about instances where there is no data to go live? I found a great source locally but they won't let me on their WiFi and I can't get a cell signal even when standing by a window. What would make you pick up or pass on a book if you had incomplete info? Thanks for all the help, you are greatly appreciated.

  • Loving FBAscan. Just trying to figure out the triggers. I went into basic triggers and there was about 8 different options for triggers and tons of options of what price to use. Any advice?

  • Would love to see another FBASCAN video…going a little more in depth as to the whys…what I don't understand is you might see 1 price in the FBA offer column priced as N for new….and then when click on it to go in and view it there are several used FBA offers priced below it…why didn't they show up on the offer column?

  • Hey, awesome video man it's super helpful, I'm just starting in this whole RA world and it is encouraging what you do. Quick wuestion, you buy these books in a thrift store or goodwill used and sell on Amazon as new? Since I see you most of the time compare the price with new priced items. Or am I missing something?

  • hey man, just found your youtube been watching some of the videos. cool videos, Q for ya. I am a ebay seller, do it on the side. If a shoe is rank high in fba and will sell fast can you expect the same on ebay? meaning if i scan a shoe using fba scan it has 4000 or more rank, selling for 80$ i put it on ebay buy can i expect the same result? thanks have a good week. Keep making those shoe haul vids, you ever go to Ross?

  • Great Video! You had me @ Gary Vee yelling "Way to F'ing hustle man!" LOL! That is Awesome Sauce right their!

    I wish you would make a video of your packing it up routine. That is the part that has me scared to pull the trigger. I just keep picturing me sending in my first shipment all screwed up and getting kicked off of Amazon on my first shipment.

    Like,,,,,,OK,,,,,(A),this is EVERYTHING you will need to process all of this stuff!

    (B) If it is a (_________) you will need to do this, this, this,,,,,and bam,,,,throw it in the box!

    (C)You have to seal the box and put this on it,,,,and cmon,,,,,lets go to UPS and ship these boxes!

    I seen you do shoes, books, and other items. I would love to see how you get it all labeled and shipped to FBA.

    And is their a one time storage fee for long tail items? Or is it just a one time fee no matter how long your item sits before it sells?

    Thanks Reezy!

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